Tiki Ning, Education Standards Volunteer from China

I’m Tiki, a girl from the Mainland of China. I worked as a volunteer at Cheerful Heart Foundation for about one month. I’ll definitely say that this was really a life-changing experience for me. Thanks for all the people that helped me during my work.

My job was to teach Math for primary five, and do some HIV/AIDS protection presentation to the pupils. I was really enjoy teaching the students. Students were quite positive and intelligent, and I divided them into two study groups as BA4 and CA2. They seemed to really enjoy the competition.

We played games at every class, like “TRANSFORMER,” “Goats,” and “You Act I Guess.” Everyone enjoyed playing the games and it also increased the student’s creativity ability.

On a more serious note we also did two HIV/AIDS protection presentations at the Great Promise School. We combined three classes and told them some basic, but extremely useful knowledge about HIV/AIDS. The presentation was been divided into four parts. First, we tell the difference between HIV and AIDS; second, we told pupils about the main ways to get HIV virus and how to prevent it; thirdly, we taught the simple facts of HIV/AIDS in Ghana and how to treat people who have AIDS. Finally we reviewed the whole class and had a little quiz. They all took some notes, and promised me to review them once they return home. Both HIV/AIDS protection presentations were quite successful. At my last class, we talked about “childhood dreams”, the volunteers shared our dreams first then I asked everybody to write their dreams on paper and hand it to me. We picked a dream, and asked the dream owner to share his/her story to us. It was such a meaningful class period.

It seemed like most of them wanted to be a banker because they love math or a doctor because they are good at science. But others said teachers because they love teaching and one little girl want to be musician. She even sang a beautiful Ghanaian traditional song to us… it was so nice. I really appreciate that everybody has the courage to share his/her dream in public.

I believe that I did bring some joy to the lovely pupils, and wish they all could have a bright future. Thanks again to Cheerful Heart Foundation for giving me and my friends this precious chance, we really enjoyed it.