Erin Casey, Healthcare Intern from the U.S.A.

I am a second year nursing student from California and I worked as an Obstetric/Midwifery Intern at Kasoa Government Hospital. Through this internship I was not only able to observe but also assist the midwives in physical examinations and deliveries. The experience of working at the hospital was not only unforgettable but also invaluable as I was able to learn many important clinical skills that I would not have learned until further in my nursing programme. This was an experience unlike any other that I have or would have experienced in the United States. Through this internship I learned not just through observation but through physical hands-on participation as well. I was able to assist in the delivery of two babies with only verbal instruction from the midwife standing next to me!  I found my work environment to be very encouraging and everyone was very eager to impart his or her knowledge. They made sure to explain procedures and techniques thoroughly ensuring that I understood not only the way in which it was done but also the purpose of it as well. From the first day I was immediately welcomed into this community and treated as a member of the team. I enjoyed the work and the work environment because each nurse took the time to get to know me and made sure that I was learning as much as possible. I was surprised by the outward kindness and friendliness of not just those I worked with but those in the surrounding town as well.

From the moment I arrived in Ghana I was warmly greeted and welcomed by not just Eric but my host family as well. Eric was very helpful and throughout the entirety of my stay in Ghana he was constantly making sure that I was comfortable and enjoying myself. I was impressed not just by his desire to ensure that I was taken care of but also by his sincere effort to get to know me. Eric is a very easygoing individual and made my time in Ghana very enjoyable especially during my free time.  He was very eager to show me all that Ghana has to offer and through him as well as my host family I believe I was able to gain a true cultural experience. My host family was just as accommodating and generous, making my stay very comfortable and enjoyable. They were very attentive and concerned that I felt not only included as a member of the family but also that I was not in want of anything. In the evenings I would spend my time talking with the adults and playing with their little daughter, Alice. I became very fond of my host family and hope that I will be able to visit them soon.

Overall I would recommend this programme to everyone for the invaluable learning experiences and opportunity to immerse in another culture. I sincerely enjoyed both my work and my experience with Cheerful Hearts Foundation and having gone to study abroad with other organizations, I have come to realise just how unique Cheerful Hearts Foundation is in their consistent desire make interns/volunteers have an memorable and worthwhile learning experience. Please feel free to email me with any questions, as I would love to share with you more of my experience in Ghana.