Poor health outcomes are caused by and a cause of poverty in a vicious cycle seen in many developing countries.  Poverty causes poor health in that without proper resources, treatable diseases such as diarrhea, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and others contribute to disability and mortality.  Additionally, poor health further exacerbates the problems of poverty in that illnesses can prevent the sufferer from attending school or working.

The Ghana Health Service, Ghana’s governmental health agency and authority for all public health facilities, identified the main areas of health in which Ghana needs improvement.  These include rates of infectious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, polio, and others; non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and hypertension; and other health outcomes such as maternal and infant mortality, nutritional quality, and injury and death due to accidents.

Cheerful Hearts Foundation (CHF) has therefore placed great importance on health work in the Kasoa area.  In order to help alleviate many of these endemic health problems, CHF works closely with local administrators, community members and stake holders to improve the health of the surrounding area.  We are involved in several projects, each of which aims to provide long-lasting impacts and emphasize prevention.  These projects include education in schools, assisting at the local health clinic, and several other projects.

Each week, the public health team travels and conducts health talks to the students at district schools.  The topics of these talks include symptoms, treatment, and prevention of malaria, HIV/AIDS, diarrhea and more.  CHF recognizes the power of the youth to lead change in their communities and aims to provide them with the knowledge necessary for action and empower them to work for change.  Students are encouraged to not only learn the information, but to put it into practice, as well as to share the information with their families and community members.

Additionally, we work closely with the Kasoa Health Centre which is the only government health clinic in the area with over 100,000 people in its catchment area.  Our volunteers work at the clinic, assisting in many departments from vaccinations and routine child health examinations to maternal care.

The public health team is also regularly involved in research projects.  CHF believes that in order to best serve the community, we must constantly assess the needs of the community as well as the efficacy of our efforts.  While these projects change on a regular basis, below are the research efforts currently underway:

  • A research project with the Kasoa Health Centre to identify key long-term needs of the clinic and pinpoint how CHF can most effectively aid their efforts.
  • An assessment of the efficacy of our school talks to gauge not only the information being retained by the students but also any behavioral change.




    Public Health Coordinator Cheerful Hearts Foundation is looking for female candidates to apply for the position of Public Health Coordinator. Academic Qualification: Minimum of Diploma in health-related courses. Work Experience: Candidates with previous experience working on health projects would have an advantage through training would be offered to the selected applicant. Language: Able to speak Twi and English fluently Interested applicants should submit CV’s and cover letter to cheerfulheartsfoundation@yahoo.com or applychf@gmail.com with the subject (Public Health Coordinator) no later than 11th April 2015. Public Health Coordinator. Public Health Coordinator. ,Public Health Coordinator. ,Public Health Coordinator. 


    fishing village in the Central region of Ghana is one of the worst child trafficking hobs in Ghana where most children are trafficked from to the Volta late (Yeji) and other neighboring countries for fishing activities. Additionally, there are several other children who work as child laborers in the same community. Research conducted by the Cheerful Hearts Foundation in the Senya village revealed that major factors contributing to children being trafficked or working as child laborer’s in this community include; limited knowledge on the long-term importance of education, little knowledge on children’s rights, lack of alternative livelihood, teenage pregnancy (early […]


    Young Ambassadors for Cholera Awareness showed their excitement after the house to house Campaign at Gomoa Nyanyano Every year especially during rainy season several precious lives are taken away by Cholera. According to UNICEF, more than 28,900 cholera cases were reported in Ghana in 2014 claiming 217 deaths. As a preventive measure in our operational communities, Cheerful Hearts Foundation in collaboration with the Nyanyano Health Center trained 150 students ranging from 12-16years from selected schools within the Nyanyano community on Cholera prevention.  A 2-day training was held at the Nyanyano Methodist Junior High School for the selected students. CHOLERA PREVENTION AND […]


    Cheerful Hearts Foundation’s (‘CHF’) ‘Hepatitis B Screening and Vaccination Project’ (‘the project’) continues and has reached an important milestone – the completion of the full course of hepatitis B immuinisation for Primary class 4 (of 2013-2014), class 6 (of 2014-2015), and Junior High School (‘JHS’) class 1 (of 2014-2015) of Nyanyano District Assembly (‘D.A.’) Government School. This brings the project to an important crossroads. While the major project objectives have been successfully completed, that is, the screening and vaccination of the above three classes and the publication of child sponsorship profiles, the continuation of the project to meet the objective […]