One of Cheerful Hearts Foundation’s (CHF) greatest assets are its volunteers and interns. CHF provides internships and volunteer programmes for students, professionals, groups and organizations from all over the world to contribute their skills and expertise towards our vision. Individuals with a wide variety of skill sets and interests are welcome at CHF. We match our volunteers’ and interns’ desired field of work with a local institution in need, such as schools and health clinics. Volunteers and interns are an integral part of CHF and can put their skills to use helping with a wide variety of projects in the CHF office.
What is the difference between volunteers and interns?

While the duties of volunteers and interns overlap, there is a difference between the two positions. In general, volunteers come to CHF to give their time and skills that they have acquired from their education, profession, or other experiences. Conversely, interns come to CHF to learn more about a field in which they are currently studying, or to gain more experience in a real world setting. Interns are also able to use their experience to earn course credit if approved through their educational institution. However, all of our volunteers and interns will put their skills to work as well as learn a lot from their experience.

In exchange for their hard work, volunteers and interns have much to gain from their time here in Ghana. Working with us will help you expand your knowledge and understanding of crucial development issues, teach you about the inner workings of non-profits and NGOs, give you the opportunity to learn about a new culture, and of course, to have a lot of fun! Volunteering or interning with us is also a great way to boost your CV or gain course credit for your degree.

Below are links to the main projects in which you can work. You can apply to any of these as a volunteer or an intern. Within your desired project, you will have the opportunity to utilize your unique skills.
Volunteer and Intern Programs

  • Child Labour & Trafficking
  • Health, Public Health
  • Education Standards: Teaching
  • Organizational Development

If these aren’t what you are looking for send a special internship or volunteer request.
Accommodations for Volunteers and Intern

Volunteers and interns may stay in the CHF house with other volunteers or interns, or may live nearby with a host family in the community. Some volunteers may also live in a university guest house or hostel. Your desired programme or placement will dictate what options are open to you. Please contact us with your volunteer or internship interests and we will let you know what your housing options are. Prospective volunteers or interns should inform CHF of their preference, and every effort will be made to accommodate you. You will be informed of your living situation before you depart for Ghana.
Why volunteer with CHF?

The start date and length of your volunteer or internship experience are flexible. While some of our projects have minimum time requirements, we can work with you to create an experience that fits into your schedule!
We will work with you to build an internship that meets the requirements of your institution. While we are a small organization and cannot accommodate all requests, we would be happy to communicate with you regarding your interests and needs.
In your free time, you can see and experience all Ghana has to offer. Our volunteers often travel into Accra, around Ghana or neighboring countries. There is also plenty of fun to be had close to Kasoa, including beaches, clubs, markets, and plenty of friendly people!

Programme Fees

All volunteers and interns are required to pay a programme fee to participate. Your fee will depend on the amount of time you’ll be here, your placement, and other factors. Please contact us with the specific details of your desired volunteer/internship experience for an estimate.

What does this programme fee cover?

Pre-Departure Handbook (details on everything you need to know about your arrival to Ghana),
Airport transfers from Accra airport (pick up and drop off),
Housing accommodation throughout your stay
Breakfast and supper throughout your stay,
Utility bills (electricity, water and gas)
Small compensation to host family (if applicable)
Orientation transportation and tours (first three days of arrival to familiarize yourself with the community you serve)
Day tour to the capital city, Accra (seeing the major sights such as Independence Square, National Theatre, Arts and Cultural Center, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park)
Continual assistance and contact from members of CHF staff
24/7 emergency support
Small administration costs of organizing your placement.