CHF launches an HIV/AIDS Campaign in Schools

Our research conducted from April to September 2009 in the district showed that, most of the youth and children of school going age have very little knowledge about the disease and there is a strange superstition attached to the disease. Some groups of people believe that the disease is not real and also caused by witches. Moreover, most people who contracted the disease are always seen as evil and most often rejected by the community. This mentality has made it even more difficult for people to participate in HIV/AIDS free voluntary testing exercises organized within the community.Cheerful Hearts Foundation is therefore organizing an intensive HIV/AIDS Campaign and free voluntary testing exercises in schools especially Junior and Senior High schools within the Awutu Senya Community. Due to limited resources for the free voluntary testing exercise, the program is organized in two phases. The first phase of the exercise begins from the end of May 2010 to November 2010.Our target is to reach about 19,500 students in 150 schools in the 1st phase of the campaign project.

We invite volunteers willing to join this campaign exercise as well as donors, organizations, groups and institutions willing to support and contribute to the success of the up-coming project.