Lucas Healy, I.T. Volunteer from the U.S.A.

I am a fourth year University of California at Santa Cruz student studying abroad in Ghana from July 2010 until 2011. I took this opportunity to volunteer with Cheerful Hearts Foundation at the same time. My experience has been amazing. I have been trained by GIIP (Global Information Internship Programme) to provide organizations with basic technical needs, but also specialize in web design and mobile technologies for social advocacy.

This allowed me to work directly with Eric as we set up a mobile technology system so the organization can better manage their communications. My experience misses the community health and educator aspects of volunteering, but I do think I have seen the internal workings of Cheerful Hearts Foundation in doing so.

I have to say that working with Eric and his entire crew, I have been blessed. The entire staff treated me as a brother and not just an intern or volunteer. My opinion matters and I am appreciated. Eric constantly looks after me to make sure I am happy. So I have really enjoyed my experience.

More importantly I have gained an understanding for the organization’s motives and style. Of the mess of organizations working for social good in Ghana, Cheerful Hearts Foundation stands out among the rest. Eric and his team work selflessly. Unlike most organizations, they appreciate the good they are doing and take very little in return. Their style is amazing as well. They work within the community and with the students. Eric is in a unique position as a headmaster at The Great Promise School, and he takes advantage of this by working within the local schools and hospitals.

If anyone wants to do a internship or volunteer for an organization in Ghana and they want a good local experience in doing so I would recommend Cheerful Hearts. They work with the community, in the community, and this is so unique and beautiful. More importantly your work and money goes directly to the target community that you work with.

I love Cheerful Hearts and the whole team and really appreciate the opportunity to work with such special people in such a special place. Kasoa is truly a unique place in Ghana.

Much Gratitude and Love