Lucian Reed-Drake, Education Standards Volunteer from the U.K.

I had an incredibly rewarding and wonderful experience with Cheerful Hearts Foundation (CHF). I volunteered as a teacher in three schools. I was an English, History and Math teacher to students 16 – 18 years and as a primary school teacher in most subjects to 6-8 year olds. I also volunteered as an assistant football coach.

Before arrival in Ghana, the director Eric was in constant contact with me and always answered any questions or queries I had. My host accommodation was well chosen, clean and comfortable. What impressed me the most with this organisation was that immediately I felt there was a genuine consideration for the volunteers and interns that arrive. Eric and his team were flexible and allowed me to tailor my volunteer experience to suit my interests. I could also see that CHF were honest about exactly what the placement fee covered, which was also very reassuring and appreciated.

I believe that my volunteering experience had a positive impact on the community I served. I helped organise the students to concentrate fully on their study, remind them how important education is, and provide myself as an adult role model for them to learn from. The kids were attentive and a captive audience as I was different to what they had ever experienced and they always told me they were grateful. I learnt a lot from the teachers, and I also feel that I helped them with some other methods of teaching and understand a different global perspective.

I was introduced to the local chief of the area, which was a humbling and fascinating experience. The food was great too, the secretary Angie cooked up some delicious local dishes and taught me how to pound the challenging but satisfying Fufu!

CHF always had the best interests of the volunteer at heart, and I always felt safe, at ease and well received. CHF allowed at every opportunity to interact with the local community and feel part of the wider projects and social initiatives to help the development of the region.

I feel like I have made many Ghanaian friends as a result of Cheerful Hearts Foundation and have directly assisted the community that I served. It was an unforgettable experience and I shall be eternally grateful for CHF and their support during my stay in Ghana. I was very sad to leave!!

By all means if you ever want to get in touch with any questions on CHF or Ghana, feel free to add me to Facebook.

Thank you to Cheerful Hearts, or as they say in Ghana…”Medasi”!!