Rosemarie Ricks, Healthcare Volunteer from the U.S.A.

Having had a long history of volunteering which included serving with the Peace Corp, nothing prepared me for the life transforming experience of Cheerful Hearts Foundation.

Due to my experience of seventeen years as a certified nurse-midwife I was assigned to work at a maternity ward in Kasoa, a town of approximately 60,000 and rapidly growing. By January 20, 2012, 180 babies were delivered there! The centre is staffed by seven midwifes who work under unimaginable conditions. The supplies are scarce. Cheerful Hearts Foundation does a remarkable job in their attempt to help. There is an acute need for basic supplies such as gloves, bulb syringes, chord clamps, and towels to dry babies off. The needs are too numerous to state here.

Rosemarie with two of the rescued child labour victims

Rosemarie with two of the rescued child labour victims during a routine visit to their schools.

During a short break, I was able to visit one of the fishing villages where Cheerful Hearts Foundation is extremely active in the effort to stop child exploitation; they are experiencing some success in their efforts. I met some of the children who now attend school including a thirteen year old girl who is an orphan.

This girl really touched my heart. At one of the schools that I visited, the headmaster said “we need books.” In one classroom there were more than one hundred children being cared for by one teacher! I must add they were all less than seven years old.

I am humbled and blessed and wish the founders of Cheerful Hearts Foundation, Eric and Bright, good health and success as they continue in their efforts to transform lives in the numerous places where they work tirelessly.